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Bhasha Lanka Pvt Ltd

Bhasha Lanka Pvt Ltd is Innovative & Award-winning Sri Lankan Technology Company that focuses on developing groundbreaking Localized Software Solutions for Sri Lankans. Having a deep vision to “Empower the Masses”, our core aim is to empower the lives of Sri Lankans with the best of the best technology in the world by providing them the access to the technology. They are fuelled by passion & obsessed on quality.

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Global Geek Sustainable Learning Kingdom

Global Geek Sustainable Learning Kingdom is a technological organization that shares latest technologies and open source technologies among the tech enthusiasts.

Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka

Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka guides contributions of general public to benefit the society in the long run. Google uses Machine Learning and Image Processing to build powerful and delightful experiences in products. we need the help of the community.

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